Journaling Lent: Day 6, Repentance - Turning to God

This is part of my daily Lent readings and response. For full context click here.

"Tear your hearts, not just your clothes." Joel 2.13

We must open our hearts so the Father can search and know us. Don't close yourself off to Him or others. Be open, honest, and intimate

Be vulnerable for He is gracious and compassionate - slow to anger. Unlike me. I quickly get angry, upset, and irritated.

If we humble ourselves, seek Him, and pray, then he will hear, heal, and forgive. It requires action and response from us.

As John the Baptist prepared the way of Christ - he was preparing the people for repentance and relationship to God. 

"Make straight the path of the Lord." Am I guilty of causing the Path to become crooked?

Don't grieve in your sin. Grieve in repentance. Receive forgiveness and move on. Don't regret. Salvation is here.