Journaling Lent: Day 7, Repentance: Walking in Obedience

by Nic

For the next 40 days I am reading "He Reads Truth: Lent 2016" as a daily devotional. While I am preparing for the celebration of Easter I have decided to journal my thoughts and share them. If they seem scattered or disconnected it is because these words are my immediate response to each daily reading. To find each day's reading click here: He Reads Truth: Lent.

"If you love Me, then you will keep My commandments."

Christ's love for us is unconditional. Is mine? Do I love Him unconditionally?

How do I love Him? By obeying Him.

He is the spirit of truth. He is truth. He promises that His spirit will be with us forever. We are not orphans.

We are not prodigal.

Christ reveals Himself to us when we love Him. "Follow the instruction of the Lord that you may live a long life and prosper." I think Spock said something similar.

Draw near to the Father and He will draw near to you. He is near if we allow Him to be.

Humber yourself before the Lord & He will lift you up.

1 John 1.6 - "This is Love; that you walk in His commands. We must walk in Love. After all, He walks in Love.