Journaling Lent: Day 8, Fasting as Worship

For the next 40 days I am reading "He Reads Truth: Lent 2016" as a daily devotional. While I am preparing for the celebration of Easter I have decided to journal my thoughts and share them. If they seem scattered or disconnected it is because these words are my immediate response to each daily reading. To find each day's reading click here: He Reads Truth: Lent.

Fasting As Worship
by Nic

For some it's easy to "worship" God with singing on Sundays. Why? It's outward. It's partially about us. "Does this song speak to me?" "Do I like the melody, rhythm, or lyrics?" Worship can end up being more about our connection to the song than us celebrating God's goodness...

That's why fasting as worship can be more sincere - assuming you don't tell every person you encounter that you're fasting. Boasting about your fasting is self-righteous and self-indulgent.

Hosea 6.6 - "For I desire loyalty & not sacrifice; the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings." 

Be loyal with all of your actions not just your "practices of worship." Thirst for the knowledge of God. Only God sees the heart of man.

You don't have to prove your worship to anyone.