Journaling Lent: Day 10, Fasting as Humility

For the next 40 days I am reading "He Reads Truth: Lent 2016" as a daily devotional. While I am preparing for the celebration of Easter I have decided to journal my thoughts and share them. If they seem scattered or disconnected it is because these words are my immediate response to each daily reading. To find each day's reading click here: He Reads Truth: Lent.

The Pharisees fasted and prayed publicly, hoping to make themselves seen and heard.

What good is a fast if I neglect the needs of others around me who may need help?
The poor. The needy. The sinner.

Don't compare yourself to others when you fast. Don't broadcast it. Don't pat yourself on the back. It's not an accomplishment. It is a form of worship.

Humble yourself and God will lift you up.