Journaling Lent: Day 16, Jonah

For the next 40 days I am reading "He Reads Truth: Lent 2016" as a daily devotional. While I am preparing for the celebration of Easter I have decided to journal my thoughts and share them. If they seem scattered or disconnected it is because these words are my immediate response to each daily reading. To find each day's reading click here: He Reads Truth: Lent.
by Nic

The story of Jonah is not about the fish, Nineveh, or even about Jonah himself...It's a story about salvation.

God's perception of salvation and mercy is different than ours.

God shows endless and boundless mercy in times where our mercy runs out. It's often said, "Life's not fair." This is what Jonah probably though when God didn't destroy Nineveh.

But God's not fair. He is however, just. His mercy triumphs over judgement. Even with the parable of the prodigal son - the son who wastes his inheritance asked to become his father's slave and said, "I'm not worthy to be called your son."

Someone who is 'fair' probably would have either made their son a servant or banished them for their selfishness. Even today, I have a friend who lied to his parents and dishonestly took money from them under false pretenses. The parents not only cut him off but stopped talking to him completely...

But what does the father in the story do? He puts the best robe on the sinful son & throws him a massive party for now his lost and dead son is found and alive. But the father's love doesn't stop there. His oldest son became angry when he heard that his father was 'rewarding' his younger brother for ruining his inheritance. The older son confronted the father and the father responds, "You are always with me. Everything I have is yours."

The father loved both sons and his love and mercy proved endless.