Journaling Lent: Day 20, Jonah - God's Pursuit

In Jonah 1:4-10,
Jonah was fleeing on a ship heading towards Tarshish & a great storm developed and tossed the ship to and fro. All of the shipmen prayed to their gods, but Jonah was asleep in the lowest part of the ship.

They awoke him and asked where he was from, what was his business, and who was his God?

It's very interesting to me that in the midst of Jonah walking away from God's calling, he still answers, "I worship Yahweh, the God of the Heavens who made the sea and dry land."

When the men heard this they became even more afraid and asked Jonah what he had done and why was this happening? Somehow these men who worshipped pagan gods knew that Jonah's God was the reason for the storm...

This story has certain parallels to the story of Jesus sleeping on a boat during a massive storm. The disciples were with Him and we very afraid and woke Him for the thought they would surely die. Jesus awoke and said, "Peace be still." The storm stopped and the waters calmed.

The disciples then said, "Who is this that even the winds and seas obey Him?"

God is present in the storm no matter if we are running away from His will like Jonah or if we are in His will like Christ. God desires us and He pursues us.