Journaling Lent: Day 35, The Resurrection and the Life

Jesus is.

Something I've tried to stop doing in my life is referring to Jesus in the past tense. 

If I say that I believe that He rose from the dead that means He is alive. He is present. He is with us. Emmanuel.

I think of the bridge to a worship song that was popular a few years ago,

I don't want to talk about You like you're not in the room. I want to look right at You. I want to sing right to You.

Have you ever been in a hallway and listened in on a conversation of two people talking about you in another room? Now imagine being in the room with them, but they're still referring to you as if you weren't there? 

"Nic is a really good guy. I like how Nic seems to try his best and go out of his way to talk to me. Nic seems really genuine and caring."


"Nic is such a jerk. I don't understand why he operates the way he does. I wish he were more confrontational."

Positive or negative makes no difference - it's weird.

Let's apply that to our speech with talk about Jesus. He is alive. He is present. He is with us.

Jesus you are good. Jesus you are alive. Jesus you are present. Jesus you are with us.

Not, "Jesus was." Rather, "Jesus is."