Journaling Lent: Day 40: Palm Sunday

For the last 40 days I have been reading a devotional called, He Reads Truth: Lent.

These readings have challenged me to think, read, and pray with fresh perspective.

I come away 40 days later not any more "holy" or "perfect," but nevertheless still changed. I perceive my salvation in Christ as a day to day journey. I am constantly trying to walk in Him even as I simultaneously stumble in my worldliness.

I am still searching. Not for answers. Not for a formula. But for Him. I am looking for Him in all things. In all people. In all situations. And sometime (most of the time) that is really challenging.

My biggest takeaway from the last 40 days isn't an earth-shattering discovery or a rediscovered and new "me."

My big takeaway is that I am in need, constantly. Every hour I truly need Him. Hear me, I'm not saying every hour I am seeking Him. I'm saying that I recognize that I need Him. 

I am selfish. We all are. We need Him. But it's not good enough for me to recognize I need Him. I also recognize that my need requires action. 

Other people need Him. They need to be shown the way. They need to be shown His love.

I've abused God's grace. I've abused Christ's love. Who am I to limit my love and grace to others when Jesus constantly shows me love and grace.

I still need His love and grace every single day.

Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Matthew 6.33

I often seek God, but do I seek Him first?

I'm trying.

HOSANNA - Save, We Pray.