March Madness & Closing In On 30: Part 1

What a crazy month March has been. It's been just over two months since we packed up our lives and started anew in Florida. A major highlight of March was almost two weeks ago when some of my best friends came down from Nashville to simply hang out.

Yes we went to some Braves spring training games...

  From Left to Right:  My Pastor & Friend Brian from the Anchor Fellowship, ME, My Neighbor and strangely connected "Brother-Bear" Sean, and my sports-ball bestie anDREW.

From Left to Right: My Pastor & Friend Brian from the Anchor Fellowship, ME, My Neighbor and strangely connected "Brother-Bear" Sean, and my sports-ball bestie anDREW.

Yes we went canoeing...

Yes we ate really good sea food...

And yes we frolicked on the beach:

But the best part of the entire trip were the times of conversation. Sometimes deep and meaningful. And sometimes immature and childish. But nonetheless, all of it was valid.

I think it also hit me that these men and people that mean so much to me are no longer a part of my life the way they once were. Yes they come to town for a few days and we reconnect and spend quality time together, but I no longer get to see my Pastor's face greeting me every Sunday in that old Civil War hospital in downtown Nashville. No more do I get to explore the best food and coffee in Music City with my Brother-Bear. Never again will I be able to rush home from work and meet the guys at Sevier Park for some pickup basketball or wake up early on Saturday morning and shank some golf balls at the city course. There are countless other things that I won't be able to do anymore and dozens of other friends that I didn't get to hang out with down here that I miss dearly as well. Those days are over.

Often in interviews a question will surface like, "Does your life read like a memoir or a novel with chapters?"

My story is much more of a novel with chapters. There has been significant crossroads in my life that has divided up the chapters for me. After high school my life has been cut up into pretty even chunks of five years. 

18-23: Wandering, Renewal, Achievement, Marriage

24-29: Life & Location Change, Growth, Adaptation, Comfort

And in a few short weeks 30...

I'm not scared of 30. I'm also not not scared of 30.

Does life seem to be going quicker these days? Yes.
Are there things that I want to accomplish in my life that I haven't yet? Yes.
Are there areas of failure and regret that I sometimes dwell on? Sure.

But there are a few things that I have never second-guessed, and one of those things is moving to Florida. 

It has now been over a year that I journaled my thoughts on a message I heard at The Anchor. Those thoughts turned into a blog. That blog turned into a podcast. And all of those things kind of sparked this idea to start Of Monks & Men (please be patient as we continue to develop this project in the coming weeks). But that first writing that I had was called, Without Borders. Go give it a read or a listen & come back and finish this blog.

My faith is in God, but is my trust?

That's what God has been speaking to me for the last year. I believe Christ has died, Christ has risen, and Christ will come again. But I came to a point where I wasn't sure if I trusted him with my job, my marriage, and my life.

So when the offer came through and we labored and talked and prayed about what we should do I felt peace. My wife felt peace. We trusted each other and we trusted God that this was the right move for us. I had people in Nashville say, "Really? Daytona?" or "Are you sure about this?" And, "You'll be back. Florida is miserable." Honestly, I had all of those thoughts before we left. But I haven't thought twice about our move since we've been here. 

We are here. For how long? Who knows? But my anxiety has changed to excitement. My fear has changed to tenacity. My doubts have been changed to trust. I have vision. I am seeing clear. I am seeking Him.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.