Journaling Lent: Day 24, Jonah's Anger

Today's reflection is from "He Reads Truth: Lent 2016."

When Nineveh repented and turned to God, God spared destroying the city.

After this Jonah became very angry with God. Jonah knew of God's mercy & he knew if Nineveh repented that God would save them.

This was the primary reason Jonah ran away. He wasn't necessarily scared of God's calling, or the mission, or unsure of his gifts - rather he knew that God's mercy is endless and that Nineveh, the great, wicked city that wanted to destroy Israel's people, would be spared if they repented.

Jonah wanted justice. He wanted Nineveh to pay for their ways.

Jonah's anger grew. He sat outside of the city and made a shelter. God then caused a vine to grow over Jonah's shelter to provide shade. Jonah was fond of the vine. The next day God caused a worm to strike the vine and kill it. The sun then pounded on Jonah heavily and he became distraught and angry about the vine's death.

God rebuked Jonah. He told him that he did nothing to cause this vine to live. It was here and gone in a day, yet Jonah cared greatly about the vine. God said, "You expect me not to care about Nineveh, a large city with over 120,000 people?"

God cares for the things that we do not. He cares for His creation which often times includes our enemies. He loves us all.